5 Web Design Trends for 2021


Web Design Trends is a key part of any digital project. Some of its most outstanding functions are to help explain the brand or the essence of the brand, product or service, improve usability and user experience and even generate more sales or more brand branding.

However, despite having basic rules of web design, it is true that it is constantly evolving and changing. We could say that web design is also influenced by trends that change year after year in order to attract the attention of the target audience and also improve our SEO positioning and performance of our advertisements or marketing campaigns.

Today we detail some web design trends that are going strong for 2021. These trends are only a representation of what is being done in the sector, it does not consist of incorporating them all on your website. In fact, the most recommended thing is that you have an expert in web design in Murcia, Madrid, Lepe or you can even hire it online, to help you land your project properly.

1. Super minimalist navigation

It could be said that less is more reigns. Web design for 2021 points to minimalism. How to do it? Linear format, simple graphic design, clear display, and well-designed colors.

The purpose of this web design trend is not to saturate the page with unnecessary elements. The less unnecessary or redundant content it contains, the better. This way, users can focus on the really important content on the site. In addition, the pages that opt ​​for this type of web design tend to give a more elegant appearance and tend to convert better since there are fewer clicks to achieve a lead, contact, or sale.

2. Web Design Trends is more important than ever

It is true that year after year we say this and over and over again, but it is an opinion of SEOs or designers. Google himself says so, which values ​​webs designed mobile-first better, that is, thinking first of the mobile user before the desktop.

And is not for less. The smartphone is by far one of the most used devices by users, which is why it is so important to consider mobile website design before developing a website.

Responsive web design is far from sufficient for users to feel comfortable and prevent them from scrolling too much to get the information they need. Instead of adapting your web design to the small screen, design your website thinking first of seeing it from your mobile. You will see that the design process is also easier.

3. Animation

Although it is not a new thing in web design, it will continue to be one of the trends in web design in 2021. The movement of the elements brought a very pleasant interaction for the site visitors.

The old gif files are replaced by animations in CCS, SVG, or Javascript codes, which greatly improves user attention without affecting the loading speed of the web page.

And let’s not forget the famous parallax effect that we see more and more web pages. It’s amazing how such a simple motion effect can make a simple web page so dynamic.

Floating elements and diversity of layers add to the combo of trends in web design. They are two very valuable elements because they can produce exceptionally attractive 3D effects.

The trick is to add softness to the shadows of the layers in the graphic design of the website. At first glance, it can attract the user’s attention and keep them interested in the web page.

4. The power of sources

Font style is an important element in design trends. By using an asymmetrical layout in the letters of the web page, you can highlight the titles, messages, and CTAs that interest users.
San serif is a widely accepted font in graphic design, so it will continue to be used in web design trends in 2021. It is simple, without many, and well suited for processing large blocks of text.

5. Loading speed

It has been found that 55% of users who enter a website loaded for more than 3 seconds decide to leave the website.

At this time, no design, color, or text can change your mind. Therefore, the web design trends of 2021 will never be out of date.

On the other hand, in digital marketing, web pages with higher loading speeds tend to be easier to locate because they attract users and search engines.

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