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Apple News has been available since the release of iOS 9 in 2015, but Google News has been available twice as long in one form or another. What’s the best news source to keep up to date?

The Google News app has been around for a long time, over 12 years according to the App Store, and it is a mature app that has undergone many tweaks and updates. When I first saw it, it was called Google services Play Newsstand, but today it’s just Google News.

In the five years since Apple News has been on our iPhones, a lot has changed. It had a rather dull and unexciting design when it was first released and it was functional, but a bit boring. A big redesign came with the addition of a subscription option for those who want even more news and the app looks great today.
It should be mentioned that not all countries have these applications available since they have their free market much more restrictive, in the US you can make full use of both apps.

It should be noted that even if an iPhone is purchased from an external store or from an operator, the device natively includes Apple News, and differentiates that Apple New + is a paid service. If you buy the iPhone 12 Yoigo (recommended for its payment method), or in a GoldenMac this will bring Google News with it, if this is allowed in your country.

Application interface

Google News presents the news in the style of social media posts, with a large image and a title below. Sometimes a paragraph of text is superimposed on the image to provide you with additional information so that you can decide whether or not a story interest you. Use dark or light mode depending on your system settings.

The Apple News uses more of a newspaper-style layout and there’s a big story at the top, then smaller articles below that are full or half width. There are lists of trending stories. While Google News looks the same, there is a lot of variety in the size and layout of stories in Apple News, which makes it more interesting to watch.

One of the biggest irritations of Apple News for me is that as you hover up and read more than one news story, the images fade from view, not being fully visible until they are in the middle of the screen. screen. I really don’t like this and the effect is even more pronounced on the iPad. You can end up with text in the top half of the screen and a faded, half-visible image in the bottom half. Please stop Apple!

Structures when watching the news

Google News displays the five news items that it considers most relevant to you on the home tab, called ‘For You’. In most cases, you will spend your time on the Headlines tab and at the top of the page there is a menu with the categories Latest, World, Business, Technology, Entertainment, Sports, Science and others. Select one and you’ll get the same big image news source with the title below.

Google News has an interesting way of displaying stories and many of them are collections of stories on the same topic. If an important event occurs, the story appears as a slider. You can scroll through the story in the news feed and see the same story in multiple posts. This means you can choose to read it from your favorite news source, or you can read multiple sources and compare how they treat the same story. You can get a more balanced view of the news by reading various sources.

News Apple organizes stories into sections and as you scroll through the news feed, sections can be seen. You can have half a dozen stores in one section and then move on to the next. If you touch a section heading, it will open to reveal much more news on that topic. There is a custom section called For You and You’re Briefing that displays the stories that the app thinks are relevant to you.

Apple News looks good and is more visually appealing. It is like a newspaper or magazine in a long vertical format.

Which of the two has more news?

It seems that Apple News has a lot more news than Google, but it is misleading. You can go on and on and on Apple News and the stories keep coming. You can open sections like Health, Politics, Sports and scroll even further, and see more stories. The content never seems to end.
However, the further down the news channel, the older the stories get. If you go to the bottom of the page, you will see stories that are two days old on my iPhone. Apple News on an iPad displays news that is a week old. I see a news story about an earthquake and I think, not another, that it has only been a week since the last one. Then I realize that the story is actually from last week.

Google news, on the other hand, is more recent

Probably because it scrapes the stories from the front page of news sites, which are constantly being updated and changed, with most content only a few hours long. There are fewer news stories, especially when you drill down into categories, but they are more recent. It is difficult to find one that is more than 24 hours old. Everything is fresh.

I guess if you only read the news once in a while and want to catch up, Apple News lets you do so by showing stories from the past few days. If you read the news regularly, you have to look at the date and time of each story to make sure you are not reading one that is days or even a week old. A week is a long time on some topics, like politics, and you could be looking at old information.

Conclusion Apple News or Google News?

It’s hard to decide which app is the best because both Apple News and Google News are great apps at the top of their game. They are good, the content is easy to access, and the news sources are interesting. They are also slightly different and Google News is more personalized, while Apple News seems a bit less personal.

Both apps provide news notifications, but Google News goes much further and provides detailed controls allowing you to choose the number of notifications and the type. Apple News provides little more than an on-off switch.

Fortunately, you don’t have to choose between them and you can have both because they are free. With these two apps, you have enough content to spend hours each day reading the news. Of course, there is overlap, but sometimes the sources are different and you get a better perspective on a news event by seeing how different publications are reporting it.

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