Best iOS 14 Home Screen Themes Ideas of 2021


IOS 14 Home Screen Themes: With the last Apple IOS update, clients got another, albeit hacky approach to alter their home screen with ios 14 application symbols. The usefulness is as yet not local, but rather it showed what do the clients need or have been missing.

Some applications like Instagram even added an element to locally change the application symbol from their applications, which is truly stunning. Any element added costs cash and assets for the organization, improvement is expensive. They need to give the best client experience conceivable to their clients and satisfy them. So it’s a good idea to help them.

Apple may likewise add such home screen highlights later on. Possibly IOS 15 as of now, who can say for sure. However, the clients truly need to customize constantly their telephones and express their imagination. This post will discuss a few IOS 14 Home Screen Ideas you can either get roused from or duplicate.

IOS 14 Home Screen Themes

IOS 14 Home Screen Ideas

The primary thing you need is to track down some great application symbol topics you like. This Calm symbol set is a truly outstanding and famous one out there right now and gives you 6 unique topics to either utilize alone or blend and match. Be innovative, utilize your creative mind, and remember to share your thoughts.

5 IOS 14 home screen aesthetic ideas for your iPhone

5 IOS 14 home screen aesthetic ideas for your iPhone

It’s difficult to accomplish the incredible plan and excellent style in case you’re not a visual architect. There are a lot of configuration instruments out there, yet realizing the device will not help you. You’d need to comprehend shading hypothesis, organization, format, frameworks, the planning field can dive truly deep. Symbols are only a little piece of the entire field and there are individuals that practice at doing precisely that.

The above symbols have been planned by an originator so they’re very top-notch. Here are some home screen thoughts on how you can blend and match the symbol topics to get an incredible-looking screen.

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Clean IOS black theme app icons with wallpaper idea

Clean IOS black theme app icons with wallpaper idea

You can accomplish a truly stunning hello end tasteful by utilizing a dark and white photo as a foundation and utilize the dark Icon set from the Calm subjects. Here’s an incredible illustration of a particular home screen.

Best design of IOS 14 home screen themes

Best design of IOS 14 home screen themes

Here’s a rundown of a portion of the moving ios home screen topics you can discover on the web. Some were additionally included on destinations like PicMonkey, Mashable, and so on so they’re truly well known. Best stylish plans where there’s a topic for anybody. Some iPhone application symbol topics with backdrops additionally accompany markdown bargains.

IOS 14 iPhone home screen layout with widgets

IOS 14 iPhone home screen layout with widgets

With simply a tap on a gadget, you can add greater usefulness to your home screen, not simply opening applications as alternate routes. widget is a stylish update and a brilliant method to further develop client experience. The 2 underneath are truly outstanding and furthermore the initial ones that came out so they’re famous and have customary updates.

On the off chance that you search the App Store for widgets, you will discover stacks more with the specific usefulness and objective you need the widget to do.

How to edit home screens IOS 14 widget

How to edit home screens IOS 14 widget

There are two different ways on the best way to alter the home screen ios 14 gadget, initial one is to tap on the screen and hold until you see the “- ” symbols, then, at that point tap on the gadget to open settings. The subsequent way is to alter the gadgets inside the first application, most likely on a settings screen.

With IOS 14 being new and these functionalities not being tried, things may change and work on later on. Be that as it may, for the time being, everything is somewhat trial. In any case, the iPhone screens and gadget use will increment being used and prevalence rapidly with new stylish styles.

IOS 14 home screen setup with app icons

IOS 14 home screen setup with app icons

There are three different ways to set up your home screens application symbols.

  • The first way is with the Shortcuts application.
  • The issue here is that after a tap you see the Shortcuts application open, and afterward change to the picked application.
  • You can utilize Icon Themer
  • Truly mainstream, yet a few groups contend introducing it could be perilous as it’s an outsider application, and the manner in which it alters the ios 14 symbols is somewhat hacky.
  • Attempt the Launch Center Pro
  • This one is on the App Store so it is protected and accompanies some truly incredible highlights.

How to change the way your app icons look on iPhone

How to change the way your app icons look on iPhone

The iOS 14 update at long last allows you to tweak applications as you would prefer. Here’s the secret.

1. Open the Shortcuts application on your iPhone (it’s now preinstalled).

2. Tap the in addition to symbol in the upper right corner.

3. Select Add Action.

4. In the pursuit bar, type Open application and select the Open App application.

5. Tap Choose and select the application you need to redo. For instance, Facebook, Spotify, or the Messages application.

6. Tap the three specks in the upper right corner. From here, give the alternate way a name and tap Add to Home Screen.

7. Where it says Home Screen Name and Icon, rename the alternate way to anything you’d like.

8. Then, go to the Safari application to track down another symbol picture. You can look for something like the Facebook symbol stylish. At the point when you discover a picture you like, save it to your photographs.

9. Return to the Shortcuts application and tap the current symbol. Select Choose Photo and tap on the picture you just saved. You can zoom in or out on the picture. Tap Choose.

10. Tap Add.

Presently you have a tweaked application on your telephone. The first applications will stay on the telephone, however, you can store them in an organizer.

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