Best programs for Windows 10


Learn about the best free download programs for Windows 10 for this 2020. You may be surprised by the usefulness of some of these tools.

This 2020 has been surprising and not only for our daily lives, but for the virtual world. Get ready, because from this list you may know some of these programs for Windows 10 and have not found out that you can get them for free.

Bing COVID-19 Tracker

As we could have diagnosed it (unlike the coming of a pandemic), Windows 10 offers a free download for this tool with which you can keep updated on the numbers and statistics of the COVID virus.

Windows File Recovery

With this application you can recover folders and files that you have deleted either by mistake or those that you simply need to return to your computer.

File Converter

It is an application that has already been created for a while but that advances in updates for this year. With it you can convert and change the format of your files.


It started as a Google extension but quickly became a free downloadable tool. With this program you can make direct downloads, manage and order them.


It is a tool where you can manage open-source torrent downloads, eliminating or reducing download restrictions. It’s neat, free, and promises to have good updates for 2021.


It is one of the programs for Windows 10 most loved by readers and now you can download it for free and install it easily and quickly on your computer. With this tool you can sort the different e-book readers, read directly, convert your books into other formats and even download newspapers and magazines.

Adobe Photoshop Express

 With only having created an account in Adobe ID you will be able to use this version of Photoshop, which is handled in a simpler way, easy to download and free. With it you can edit your photos and export them in less time.


Continuing in the editing line, we bring a tool created for Linux that works perfectly with Windows 10. This program is the competition of Photoshop, it is very easy to use and you find it free.


Never has a memo blog been so useful and interactive. You can link it with your Windows devices and your PC, helped by the cloud, so that all the information interacts with each other. It is free and very simple to use.

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