Get the best performance from your TV with large format TV mounts


Having a television with a large screen is a very attractive option to enjoy with family or friends. Even so, it can be difficult to find the right space in our home due to its enormous dimensions. To make sure you place it in a prime location, Vogels offers large format TV mounts, specially designed for these oversized televisions.

How to place a large format TV screen?

Large format televisions are becoming more and more common in our homes. Year after year, the big brands incorporate new technologies, functionalities and, above all, screens of more inches and dimensions, so access to having a screen with high quality of details and resolution has never been so within our reach.

Even so, a large format TV screen presents more difficulty when placing it in our living room or home; Weight, range of vision, height and distance, or even finding the right space to hang it, are just the main examples of factors to take into account to get the most out of the best  TV of this type.

Vogel’s TV Mounts

So, to make sure we enjoy it to the fullest, Vogels has different types of large-format TV mounts that greatly facilitate the best placement, security, design and integration in our home. A perfect example is the THIN Bracket Series, which, although designed for any large TV.

With a sturdy frame made of extra fine black steel, these brackets are wall-mounted and blend into any room with their sleek and contemporary design. In addition, if the support is rotatable, you can turn the TV up to 120º to each side or tilt it up to 20 °, thus allowing you to adapt it to practically any position.

On the other hand, the WALL Bracket Series is also interesting. Being able to support up to 80kg, they get the TV to stick to the wall and with an elegant style. These mounts make your TV look like an art painting. Also, like all Vogels mounts, it is designed to hide unsightly cables making your home space even more stylish, practical and secure.

Assembling this type of bracket may seem complicated, but nothing is further. To make the installation of the large format TV stand simple and easy, Vogels offers the TV Mounting Guide application. Thanks to this app, you can determine the best position for your TV and do the installation step by step.

Thus, thanks to Vogels large-screen TV mounts, we can enjoy our large TV even more and adapt it in the most appropriate way to the space in our home where we want to place it.

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