How to advertise on my blog


If you have a blog that you dedicate a lot of time to and you also see that the visits are growing at a good rate, you may be considering starting to get some type of economic return. The simplest thing on the Internet is to start publishing ads: you will simply charge for showing them (number of impressions) or for the clicks they receive. How to do it? There are several alternatives to introduce advertisements, here we tell you how to advertise on your blog.

Google AdSense

Without a doubt the most popular and simple way to introduce advertising on your blog. It is very complete and offers many ways of customizing the ads, which work from the keywords of your blog to try to make them consistent with your content. Ads are automatically selected by Google from its advertiser network, and it provides you with many reports and performance statistics to help you grow and identify opportunities. Its big drawback, however, is that you will not charge anything until you reach $70. If in a year you do not reach that minimum, you will lose the money.


Very similar to AdSense, also with a network of advertisers whose advertising is automatically selected to appear on the websites that want to publish ads. After registering on the web by filling in a form, a code will be generated, which is the one that must be entered in the blog to display the ads. The minimum to charge is only 10 dollars, so it is faster than AdSense if you do not have too many visits. It is charged per click and not per impressions and you can charge more if there is a conversion (if a user goes through an ad on your blog to the advertiser’s page and makes a purchase).

Word Ads

The equivalent of AdSense launched by WordPress. You can only enter ads via this platform if you use WordPress for your blog. The user only has to indicate that they want to enter the program and the ads will start to appear automatically, although you have to be careful and watch that the design is not affected. It is charged for impressions and the minimum to charge is 100 dollars, via PayPal. Its big drawback is that it still doesn’t work very well in languages ​​other than English.


Another less popular option, but just as valid. After registering, you only have to enter the code that is generated on your blog and the ads will start to appear, selected by the platform automatically. It has quite a few ad designs options, so you can choose the one that looks best on your blog. As for payments, the minimum is $20 if you choose to charge by Paxum, PayPal or Payoneer. If you prefer Wire Transfer, you will have to wait for $500.

Affiliate networks

Another very interesting option is that of affiliate networks: they are more personalized and selected ads, they have a much smaller catalog of advertisers, but in return they usually charge a little more per ad. Of course, neither the impression nor the click counts, but the conversion.

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