How to take a full screen capture in Windows?


To take screenshots in Windows there are several systems, from using a program that allows us to cut out the part we want to capture, to doing it with the entire screen quickly. This time we are going to teach you to make a total capture of everything that appears on the screen and you will not need to use any extra program.

If what we need is to take a screenshot of the entire screen of our computer, we just have to search the keyboard for the “Imp Pant” or derivative key. This is usually to the right of the function keys. Now what we must do is click on this key and we will have our screen saved in the memory of the PC.

The image, although it may not seem like it, is saved with everything we have on the screen. Now we just have to open a graphic editor, the same Paint that comes with Windows, although any other is worth it.

The last step is to pass what is stored in memory to the graphic editor. To do this, we only have to select the option “Paste” or “Paste” and at that moment our screen will be reflected in the editor, allowing us to edit or save our work. Isn’t it easy?

A note for those who have two or more monitors connected at the same time. In these cases, when we take a screenshot, the resulting image will be from all the monitors we use, but in a single file.

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