How to unblock someone on Twitter


When our Twitter account is public, anyone can follow us, something that for most people does not represent a problem, since the greater the number of followers, the more influence we have in this social network. However, sometimes we wish that certain people did not follow us and have access to our information, for that there is the possibility of blocking a user on Twitter. But what if now you want to undo what was done and you don’t remember how? Here we explain how to unblock someone on Twitter quickly and easily.

Steps to follow:

1. It is possible that you have decided to block a user on a Twitter account for any reason and that now you want to reverse this operation and continue receiving the information that it can offer you, for that you must remove the block.

2. To unblock someone on Twitter, enter your account with your username and password. Once inside you must write in the search engine the name of the user account you want to unblock so that the system can find it.

If you do not remember the name of the account, try entering the name of the user to find the person you are looking for.

3. Once the user appears, Twitter will show it to you, indicating that it is blocked, as you can see in this image.

4. To unblock someone on Twitter, you just have to press the unblock button. Remember that once you unblock someone, that person will be able to have contact with you again.

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