LG Tone Free FN4: the best cheap tws headphones to give away


A few months ago, I told you about the LG Tone Free FN6, some LG headphones that surprised me a lot and not only because of their ultraviolet cleaning (something that I had not tried until now in this type of device), but they also seemed really comfortable., with good sound and a very successful design.  But some cheap tws headphones have damage immediately when compared to these headphones. Now, I have had the opportunity to test the LG Tone Free FN4, its little brother that is practically identical. Are you thinking of buying this model? Keep reading as I tell you the best and worst of these wireless headphones from LG.

Design of the LG Tone Free FN6 headphones

This year the thing is about headphones. And, if you read us regularly, surely you have already seen several of our reviews. In particular, I have been able to taste the latest models of Huawei, Honor, Apple, Sony, Motorola or Fresh ‘n Rebel, among others, and this option from LG still seems the best to me. I say “it still looks like me” because, in terms of design, they are identical to the FN6.

LG brings us an incredibly compact charging case, with an opening upwards and a satin gloss that offers a very soft touch. It has a button to pair them, an LED indicator of battery status and a USB C charging port. The headset itself is in-ear type, but I have to say that it is a very comfortable in-ear. I personally am sometimes suspicious of this format, they give me a bit of a feeling of overwhelm, something that doesn’t happen to me with this model.

They only have a small drawback in terms of design and that is that they have touch control in the headphones, which in principle is something super useful. At the end of the day, when you decide to use true wireless, what you are looking for is the greatest freedom of movement, either because you are in the office busy working or because you are going down the street or even doing sports and the last thing you want is to have to stop to pick up the mobile if you want to skip the song, answer a call, etc. As I was saying, this point is very positive, but I have found a small snag. The touch control is extremely sensitive, which has caused my music to stop on occasion just because I brushed it to position it a little better.

Apart from this, nothing to complain about. As I told you, the Tone Free HBS-FN4 have a very compact design, very beautiful, very comfortable and do not fall off. You can’t ask for more.

Meridian Sound

LG is once again betting on Meridian sound technologies for these new headphones, in addition to equipping a 6mm driver and HSP and DSP technologies, among others. The result is a clear sound, with an unquestionable volume level and a good collection of bass and treble. Of course, the sound quality is the most important thing when we choose a product of this type, so if this is your concern, I have to tell you that they sound very good, both in calls and in multimedia playback, the sound is loud and clear.

However, if you give a lot of importance to active noise cancellation, you have to know that it does not incorporate it. Instead, it combines noise isolation with immersive EQ, which produces a pretty good isolation effect from the outside for the price range that we are handling in these different headphones. I have tested them at home and outdoors and have not felt that ambient sound is leaking out. The same in calls, they have listened to me very well and I have been able to hold long conversations with total comfort.

Connectivity, endurance, and battery

The pairing of the LG Tone Free FN4 is done in a few seconds, you just have to turn on the Bluetooth and look for the model, that is, the usual process. LG has its own software version for its headphones, but it is not essential. It uses Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, which allows stable connections, so you can move around the house without problems (calculate more or less a range of about 10-12 meters).

Regarding the battery, it offers 60 minutes of autonomy with only 5 minutes of charge, something very interesting if you have gotten lost and want to have the gaming headphones alive again for that work video call or to put on music when you go out for a run. You can charge them by cable or with wireless charger. As for autonomy, with each full charge you will have for about 18 hours of music playback (much less in calls).

Finally, note that they have IPX4 protection, so that you can use them on rainy days or so that sweat is not a problem if you use them for sports.

Technical characteristics of the LG Tone Free FN4

LG Tone Free FN4
Format Headphone true wireless
Colors 2 (White / Black)
Driver 6 mm Sound technologies Meridian
sound Advanced digital signal processing (DSP) Meridian Losing Packing Master Quality Authenticated Headphone spatial processing (HSP) Immersive equalization Noise isolation Connectivity and Bluetooth 5.0 USB C ports Battery (autonomy) Up to 18 hours (6 hours in the headphones and three charges in the box) 1 hour of battery with 5 minutes of charge Other features IR sensor Gesture control Two microphones in each headset

IPX4 resistance

Compatible with Google Assistant

Contents of the box
1 x LG Tone Free FN4

1 x Charging case

1 x USB – USB C charging cable

3 x Additional rubber bands

1 x Mini manual

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