Mass mailing and its advantages


Without a doubt, mass mailing contains a large number of benefits that we can take advantage of in order to achieve our institutional or commercial objectives. In order to take advantage of all the advantages that mass mailing offers us, it is very important to train ourselves in this regard.

In this note I simply want to share with you the advantages of this strategy so that you can begin to discover it completely.

What is mass mailing?

Essentially when we talk about mass mailing, we mean sending emails to a contact list. However, as it is a very simple technique to use, it can easily be used for fraudulent uses, a series of rules have been established to guarantee proper use.

We must take into account the following:

Mass email is a communication tool Without a doubt this is not a great revelation but it is very important to highlight this principle, because there are those who say that mass mailing is a sales tool, to generate leads, etc. And indeed, it can help us with that, but from the correct perspective we can say that:

It is a communication tool that can help you generate sales, leads, increase loyalty, etc.

So the key is to be able to learn to communicate with our contact list in the most personalized way possible.

Personalized communication your greatest advantage

To carry out personalized communication, it is necessary to have an e-mail marketing platform that allows us to manage our mass mail campaigns. One of the best known is MailChimp which is undoubtedly a good tool, but in some cases, it may not be what you need, an alternative to MailChimp is undoubtedly Acumbamail.

This tool will help you build your contact list, manage your campaigns, among many other elements. Another feature that will be very useful is that you can take the analytics of your campaigns so that you can improve them.

E-mail marketing platforms allow you to segment your contact list in such a way that you can communicate to the different segments in a more personalized way.

Who can use mass mailing?

E-mail marketing can be used in different ways and by different people and institutions, here I just want to mention some examples of who could benefit from using this resource.


Universities are undoubtedly the educational institutions that can take the most advantage of mass mailing since they have a university community that needs to be informed at all times.

Within the university community, various segments can be built, for example: by professional career, by students, by personnel, etc.

Universities as educational institutions have great potential in the use of this mass mail and something for which a large number of universities have chosen, is to use the Google G Suite infrastructure for education , which allows them to use the mail and other tools for free, this helps universities a lot to avoid an infrastructure and service expense in terms of email management.

Companies and organizations

Of course, many top companies can take advantage of mass mailing, many of us regularly receive information about discounts, special sales dates and congratulations on our birthday, in short, surely in your email you will find many examples of use.

Other organizations such as foundations or government institutions have a great opportunity of use, especially in matters related to communication with their collaborators.

Bloggers or Freelancers

Bloggers as a server or freelancers can also get a lot of juice from mass mail, sharing tips, valuable information to their audiences or subscribers.

You can share projects, posts, work portfolios, among many others.

In conclusion

Mass mail is a tool that you should use to expand the reach of communication in your organization. Remember that the fundamental principle is communication and after that everything else will come.

The better you learn to communicate, without a doubt, the better results you will get from the objectives you have set for yourself.

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