Microsoft Teams will add shared calendars in the channels


Microsoft Teams was created three years ago and has been established as a platform of the American giant that allows users to share a workspace based on Office 365 chat in order to optimize communication and collaboration of work teams within companies. Now, a highly anticipated function will arrive at the beginning of 2021.

Through a publication on the company’s official site, it has been indicated that during January 2021, users will be able to add a shared calendar with those present within the same channel, something that will help to maintain a better organization between the different projects that are carried out in a work team.

Microsoft Teams continues to evolve

First look at the future feature at work

One of the biggest attractions of Microsoft Teams is its ability to divide conversations between users by creating channels, which means that each group of collaborators can share information that only interests its members in a certain project.

Now, to increase this work dynamic, Microsoft plans to integrate shared calendars in the channels, which means that each participant will be able to consult it directly from that space (and not use external Apps or services) and avoid the risks that a collaborator may not have found out. changes in a project or developments in the team’s internal plans.

In this way, the team manager will be able to create a calendar with all the related events, as well as deadlines in the different stages of the project and share it directly on the channel. With each change in it, a publication will be automatically created in the channel so that all members can view it through the activity feed so that no one overlooks an update.

Finally, in case users have channel notifications disabled, they will be able to view the new event directly when they consult the calendar.

You, have you already had the chance to try Microsoft Teams? How useful do you find this new feature?

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