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Have you ever questioned what “pending” on Snapchat means? If so, you’ve found this site right on time. We encourage you to read on to discover more about what does pending mean on Snapchat.

Snapchat is a fantastic tool for sharing photos and instant messaging that works well for all kinds of informal, enjoyable discussions.

Due to the way this app operates, it is unlike any other social media platform. Its finest feature enables users to share snaps, or brief snapshots of their lives, with their pals.

It takes some time to become used to the entire app’s features and operations because it differs so much from standard social media apps. This is particularly, due to the significance of various alerts and the circumstances under which they appear.

The “pending” message is one example of this, but few consumers are aware of its purpose. So if you’re wondering what Snapchat’s “pending” status means if you have a lot of messages with that status, keep reading.

This article discusses the meaning of the pending Snapchat notice and all the possible outcomes when it appears.

What You Will Discover include; what does Snapchat’s pending status mean? When will the Snapchat pending notification disappear?

What does pending mean on Snapchat?

We go over a few scenarios where the pending notification on a Snapchat message might happen in the section below.

  1. A pending request: meaning the other person hasn’t added you as a Snapchat buddy yet.
  2. When you’ve been blocked by another user
  3. A slow or limited internet connection
  4. The account of the other user is no longer active.
  5. The app is Just acting weird.

1. A pending request: 

meaning the other person hasn’t added you as a Snapchat buddy yet. The most typical circumstance when the pending notification appears on Snapchat is a pending friend request. 

The pending notification will appear under the friend’s name in the friend’s list if you recently added them but they haven’t added you back.

Similar to Snapchat’s friends request or follow request feature, this prevents you from being added to someone’s friends list at random.

  1. When you’ve been blocked by another user

It’s likely that this buddy has blocked you if you’ve been exchanging snaps with them but all of a sudden their chat has a pending notification.

Similar to the last instance, the status on their chat is changed to pending since the other user no longer wants you to be on their Snapchat friend list. 

On Snapchat, blocking someone prevents you from communicating with them or seeing their profile.

  1. A slow or limited internet connection

There is a potential the pending Snapchat notice will show up on that specific chat if you are chatting with someone but your internet connection is unstable, preventing the other person from receiving your messages.

This scenario can potentially take place if your friend’s internet connection is acting up. All you can do in this situation is move to a new network or attempt to detach and reconnect your Wi-Fi connection while hoping for the best.

  1. The account of the other user is no longer active.

Similar to the previous situation, the Snapchat pending notification will appear on that specific contact if you are ever taken off of another friend’s contact list.

In this case, the pending notification will appear under their name if that specific buddy has chosen to remove their Snapchat account. 

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As a result, rather than the chat immediately disappearing from your contact list, a pending notification will show up instead.

  1. The app is just acting weird.

Even though it’s unlikely, the pending Snapchat notification occasionally shows up even when none of the aforementioned scenarios apply. So there’s a chance that the app is broken.

Now, In order to fix this problem; try opening and closing the conversation, and then watch to see if the status changes. 

If the notification continues to behave in this manner, there might be a problem with the app. By reinstalling the app, it can help to test if it still functions properly.

When will the pending notification go away?

The pending notification will disappear when? This is always a big question one will always come up with. 

If the problem that led to the pending notification is not fixed, it will remain that way. 

In the first scenario, the pending notification will vanish if the other person accepts your request and includes you on their list of friends in return.

And if a bad internet connection caused the pending message to appear, it should ideally disappear once your internet is working again.

How to Fix Snapchat Pending Issues

  1. Verify to see if you’ve lost your friend. 

First, use Snapchat’s Chat function’s Search bar to look up their name. Wait for their profile to appear after typing in their entire name or username. 

Their account will have the “My Pals” label if you are friends. They have unfriend you if you see “Add Friends” instead.

  • You might also look at their Snapchat profile. See if you can see their Snap rating. You’re still pals if you can. If you can’t, you’ve lost their friendship.
  • Another choice? Look through your Friends list. If they don’t show up, your friendship ends. However, this can also indicate that their account was terminated or banned.
  1. Do a name search to discover if they have blocked you. 

On Snapchat, once you block someone, their profile completely vanishes from your app. Use Snapchat’s search bar to look up someone by their complete name or username.

If their profile doesn’t appear at all, it may be because you’ve been blocked, their account has been removed, or they’ve been blacklisted.

Ask a mutual friend to utilize their own app’s search bar to look for this individual by full name or username.

  • You’ve been barred if the recipient’s profile appears on another user’s app but not on yours.
  1. Move nearer to your router, restart it, or try a different network. 

Try first standing a few feet away from your Wi-Fi router. Press the power button or disconnect the power cord if your internet is still sporadic. After waiting for 30 seconds, restart the router.

  • On your phone, try turning on airplane mode and then turning it off.
  • You can have a weak signal if you’re out and about. Pick a different network. Check if you have a stronger connection after that.

Relaunch Snapchat. From the bottom of your screen, swipe upward. You’ll get a list of all the open apps on your phone. 

Swipe up on Snapchat after finding it. The app will end as a result. Return to Snapchat at this time to see whether your message hasn’t been delivered.

  1. Reboot your smartphone (ios/Android). 

Hold your phone’s lock button down until the screen becomes black if you believe the problem may be technical. 

To restart it, press and hold the lock button once more. Reopen the Snapchat app to finish. Make sure your message is still pending by checking.

  1. Uninstall and then reinstall the Snapchat app. 

Hold your finger on the Snapchat symbol for around two seconds, or until an options bar appears, to redownload the app. Select Remove App after that. Lastly, visit the App Store. Redownload Snapchat by searching for it.

  1. Connect with your friend through a different texting service. 

Verify that the problem isn’t being caused by their internet, a dead phone, or a deleted account. If you decide to SMS them, be aware that they could not get it if the problem is with the internet or their phone is dead.

  1. For updates, consult Snapchat Twitter Support.

If there are any serious problems with Snapchat, its Twitter feed will report them. Use a search engine to look up the public Twitter page for Snapchat Support. 

Look for the @snapchatsupport handle. Find out whether there are any server-related updates by reading on. If there is a problem, wait until they say it has been resolved.

FAQs on What does pending mean on Snapchat?

Does pending mean blocked on Snapchat?

Snapchat gives its users the ability to prevent other users from accessing their private content by blocking those users.

If you have been blocked by another user, you won’t be able to communicate with them in any way, including via snaps or messages. 

As a result, your communications will be marked as ‘pending’ when they are delivered.

Why does my Snapchat say pending?

What does it imply when it says ‘pending’ on Snapchat? The most fundamental interpretation of the status “pending” is that Snapchat is aware that you are attempting to send a message but is unable to fulfill the request at this time. 

The fact that the recipient of your Snap message does not currently have you saved as a friend on their device is the most likely explanation for this error.

How do you know if someone unfriend you on Snapchat?

Snapchat, on the other hand, keeps the whole process relatively under cover, making it less obvious than it is on other social media sites when someone has unfriend or blocked you. To the point where, if you aren’t paying attention, you might not even know it’s there.

Step 1: Check out the chat window.

Any snaps you send to someone who has since removed you as a friend or blocked you won’t be delivered until that person re-adds you as a friend.

 In situations like this, you have the option of sending the individual a snap to see if they have unfriend you or blocked you from their account. 

Launch the Snapchat app on your mobile device, whether it’s an Android or iOS one, see below for instructions.

  • Tap the symbol that looks like a chat window. You can also use the alternative gesture of swiping right on the screen.
  • Start a conversation between you and the person whose account you are checking.
  • It is a sign that you have been removed as a friend if you receive a message stating that your chat will be pending until you are added as a friend.

Step 2: Check the snap score

The frequency with which a particular user accesses Snapchat is reflected in a rating known as their “snap score.” The higher the score, the more frequently it was used. 

Your friends or contact are the only ones who can view your snap score. If you can’t see someone’s snap score, it also indicates that they have either removed you as a friend or prohibited you from seeing their score.

  • Launch Snapchat, and then tap the search icon located at the top of the app.
  • Look around for the friend whose status you want to verify. Simply tapping on their bitmoji will take you to their profile.
  • If you can see the snap score, then everything is going to be fine. In that case, you have been either blocked or unfriend on the snapchat social network.

Step 3: Check your followers List

Snapchat, like the majority of other social media networks, keeps a list of your pals in its database. If someone has removed you as a friend or blocked you, it is unlikely that they will show up on this list.

  • Launch Snapchat and tap the profile icon located in the upper left corner of the app.
  • Tap the “My Friends” button located in the Friends section.
  • Conduct a search for the individual that you are looking for. If you do not see their name, it means that they have removed you as a friend on Facebook.

And lastly…

Step 4: You may try putting up a story.

Although it is not a particularly reliable method, posting a story at the same time as checking to see whether you have lost friends on Facebook is one way to determine whether or not you have been defriended.

You only need to publish an article, and then check back later to see how many people read it. 

If the person you’re looking for isn’t on the viewer’s list, there’s a possibility that you’ve been removed as a friend or even barred entirely from the account.

What does pending with GREY arrow mean on Snapchat?

If you receive a message on Snapchat and it says “waiting” next to it, it indicates that the app is having problems delivering the message to the recipient. 

In addition to this, you will notice a grey arrow appear next to the word. It is likely that you do not have a personal relationship with the recipient of the message that you are attempting to send to them.

What happens when someone unfriends you on Snapchat?

It’s only if they’ve blocked you that you won’t be able to communicate with them. 

If you no longer see photographs or videos posted to their Story, that’s a good sign that someone on Snapchat has unfriended you.

How long do Pending Snapchats last?

How long does it take for Snapchat pending messages to be delivered? 30 days. 

Your communication will not be removed as long as the recipient reads and responds to it within a period of thirty days from the date on which you sent it.

 After a period of 30 days, your message may be deleted.

What does it look like when someone blocks you on Snapchat?

If they do not appear in your chat history, this is an indication that they may have blocked you from communicating with them. 

If you do see their name in your conversation history, you can try to contact them by tapping on their name and sending them a message. 

If you receive an automated answer that says something to the effect of “Failed to send your message – Tap to try again,” it’s possible that your account has been blocked.

Does pending add you as a friend?

When your Snapchat message is marked as “pending,” it almost always indicates that the recipient is not one of your acquaintances. 

Even if you have already given them a request to be your friend, you may still see the gray arrow that says “pending.”

How do I know if someone unfriended me on Snapchat 2022?

At this point, you should select the conversation bubble icon located in the upper-left area of the screen. 

You should look at the person’s most recent Snap if you are certain that you communicated with the person who is now reporting that they blocked you on Snapchat.

If the chat window does not display your most recent message, then you have been kicked out of the room.

What’s the difference between blocking and unfriending someone on Snapchat?

The primary distinction between blocking users on Snapchat and deleting or removing friends is that; the blocking prevents others from viewing publicly shared stuff while the unfriending does not. 

Blocking makes it such that individuals can’t even see your publicly shared content

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