How To Enjoy Poker On Your Computer


Poker is a game every gamer can enjoy. Of course, there are advanced strategies, but fundamentally the game just involves assessing your cards and considering your next move, thinking about probabilities, and trying to figure out if other players are bluffing or not. Anyone can manage the basics, and improve from there.

As you’re likely aware, there’s a variety of ways to play poker on your phone, with seemingly countless apps offering their take on the popular card game. But at the end of the day, there’s no more satisfying way to play than by sitting on a comfortable chair and going through a few games or tournaments at your computer. So in this post, we’ll go over some of the best options you have for playing computer-based poker.

Real Poker Sites

With regard to playing real poker online –– with money on the line, that is –– there are a number of websites that afford you the chance to play from the comfort of your browser, while also offering some benefits. 888poker, for example, offers a bonus of $80 and a great variety of game types. On the other hand, BetOnline has one of the biggest player bases in the U.S. and allows those who want the option to fund their bankrolls with cryptocurrency. Just bear in mind if you’re exploring these “real” poker sites that actual betting on poker is only legal in a handful of states.


In the last few years in particular, Facebook has emerged as a serious gaming platform. Even in 2017 in fact, the social network reported over 800 million monthly gamers –– and numbers have almost certainly climbed since. Accordingly, the number and variety of games on the platform have also grown significantly. But among the options are some excellent poker games that make it easy to connect with friends and play some digital cards on your computer.


You don’t necessarily need to use log in to any social network or even use your browser to play poker on the computer. In fact, some of the best poker apps out there are available, depending on your operating system. Some of the very best poker apps you may have access to include Zynga Poker, which gives players 2 million in free chips to start playing; World Series of Poker, which is known for its intuitive and attractive interfaces; and Pokerstars, which offers you the opportunity to use either a traditional interface or to immerse yourself in a VR game (provided you have a headset that works with the game).


Currently the most successful gaming platform for desktop players, with more than 28 million users, Steam offers a variety of titles that mix poker rules with more advanced game mechanics. Lords of New York, for example, incorporates RPG elements like skill trees and special abilities. Prominence, on the other hand, offers an intriguing setting, wherein the protagonist must play against different dangerous factions while trying to discover the identity of a mysterious benefactor. Suffice it to say, there are some really fun options once you sign up (for free) with Steam.

Rockstar Games

The beloved name behind some of the best open-world franchises from recent years, including Red Dead Redemption and Grand Theft Auto, has somewhat quietly emerged as a supporter of very fun in-game poker content. What we mean to say is that the franchises just mentioned offer excellent poker mini-games. And while some of these games are console exclusives, you can always play them on your PC through a reliable emulator.

One of the advantages of having a desktop computer is the variety of options it gives you when it comes to gaming, and poker is no exception. You can choose between playing on a browser, installing elaborate Steam games, or using apps and emulators as you please. Whatever your preference winds up being, rest assured there are great poker games to enjoy.

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