Guide to Fix­ing FireTV Stick Remote Not Work­ing Issue


Guide to Fix­ing FireTV Stick Remote Not Work­ing Issue: There are various different things that can make your Fire TV Stick remote not work as it should do. They can even prevent it from working correctly, to begin with.

In most cases, it’s usually something to do with battery power, signal blocking or obstructions, or some sort of interference from another device that’s nearby. A common solution to these issues is to restore the Amazon Firestick to the factory settings. This works for some, but not for everyone.

Why is FireTV Stick Remote Not Working?

Why is Fire TV Stick Remote Not Working

Amazon’s Fire TV Stick, just as other Fire gadgets, work in a marginally extraordinary way to your standard TV distant. Along these lines, if your Firestick distant at any point quits working, it very well may be more enthusiastically to discover the explanation for it. For sure precisely you need to do to fix it.


All together for your distance to work appropriately it should be effectively combined with the Firestick gadget. Regardless of whether you’re utilizing the first distance or substitution, it should be combined with the goal for you to utilize it.


This is, as a general rule, the primary concern that keeps Firestick controllers from working appropriately. Regardless of whether embedded inaccurately or neglecting to hold a sufficient charge, this is probably the reason. Supplanting the batteries with new ones ought to make it work once more.


Albeit a reasonable line of view between the far-off and the real Firestick isn’t generally vital, not having this can hugely affect its usable reach. Take a stab at drawing nearer to the TV. Or on the other hand, you can move whatever might be deterring the association far removed.


Maybe than infrared innovation, Firestick controllers interface with their partners utilizing Bluetooth, giving them (in principle) a scope of around 30 feet. However, the genuine reach is generally a piece lower, so remember that.


In case you’re not utilizing the far-off that initially accompanied the Firestick, ensure the substitution is a viable model. Else, it will not work.


Inside harm like bombed segments, or outside harm like a bowed HDMI pornography, can keep your Firestick from working.


Other electronic gadgets that you’re probably going to have around your home can meddle with and upset Bluetooth associations. This can keep your Firestick distant from working appropriately.

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Check Your Fire Stick Is Set Up Properly

Check Your Fire Stick Is Set Up Properly

Above all else, ensure that your Fire TV Stick has been set up appropriately. It might sound self-evident, yet links can undoubtedly work their direction free over the long haul. In the event that the gadget seems, by all accounts, to be totally inert, attempt an alternate HDMI port on your TV also.

Likewise, ensure your Stick has fueled appropriately, associated with a divider outlet or plug extension, and that you’re utilizing the first force connector on the off chance that you actually have it.

Try not to utilize one of your TV’s extra USB ports for power. Despite the fact that it tends to be enticing to have one less link behind your TV. Guide to Fix­ing Fire TV Stick Remote Not Work­ing Issue, They don’t generally yield sufficient juice to keep a Fire Stick working dependably.

Regardless of whether it takes care of the job completed a portion of the time. Arbitrary restarts or even boot circles are reasonable.

Restart the Fire Stick

Restart the Fire Stick

The Fire TV Stick is intended to be left connected constantly consistently. In any case, you can fix numerous issues with an intermittent reboot, including association issues or bombed refreshes.

There are three unique approaches to restart a Fire Stick.

  • Go to Settings > My Fire TV > Restart and afterward affirm when incited. This is the most ideal choice, as it will shut down all the products appropriately prior to restarting.
  • In the event that the Fire Stick is frozen and you can’t explore through the menus to get to Settings, hold down the Select and Play/Pause catches on your distance for around five seconds or somewhere in the vicinity. This should constrain a moment reboot without an affirmation screen.
  • The last alternative, if neither of the above work, is to reassess. Eliminating and reattaching the force supply will drive a reboot. Try not to do this when your gadget is refreshing.

How to Pair the Firestick Remote

How to Pair the Firestick Remote

When buying another Firestick just as some other Fire TV gadget, in the event that a distance is incorporated, this far-off ought to be matched with the gadget as of now. This implies that, when setting up the gadget, it will as of now perceive this distance as information.

Thusly, it will work right away. Having said this, there are uncommon situations where a Firestick and coupled distance haven’t been combined, or the matching interaction doesn’t work as expected. Changing or fixing the distance tackles this issue.

In the event that your Fire TV Stick distant isn’t working still, these are the means you should take to match your far off with your Firestick:

  • Ensure your Firestick is on, and plug it in.
  • Permit the Firestick to boot up.
  • Hold you’re distance near the TV.
  • Press the ‘Home’ button situated at your distance, and hold it.
  • Hold the ‘Home’ button down for 10 seconds.
  • Delivery the catch, and check in the event that it works.
  • In the event that this hasn’t tackled the issue, attempt a couple of more occasions. This is on the grounds that it takes a couple of endeavors for everything to fall into place.

Use the Fire TV Phone App

Use the Fire TV Phone App

On the off chance that it seems like you’ve given each accessible arrangement a shot there, your Fire TV distance has probably going to harm hopelessly. Guide to fix­ing fire tv sticks remote not work­ing issue If so, you’ll need another far-off. However, meanwhile, by downloading the Fire TV distant application, you’re really ready to utilize your Apple or Android cell phone as an impermanent far-off.

Here’s the way to do this accurately:

1.Plug in your Firestick and let it boot up.

2. Download the Fire TV far-off application on your telephone, and afterward dispatch the application.

3. Sign in to an Amazon account through the application.

4. Select your Firestick from the rundown of accessible gadgets.

5. A code will show up on your TV – enter this in the application on your telephone.

6. Your telephone will currently go about as a Firestick distance.

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