Gennady Yagupov: How to make an apple pie? 


Apple pie is one of the most common varieties of pie filled with apples. Because apples are one of the most accessible fruits of the temperate zone, apple pie is one of the main dessert dishes of various European nations

  1. Measure out the necessary ingredients. Take large eggs. Sour-sweet varieties of apples are good for the pie. If the apples are small, you can take 3 apples.
  2. Mix the flour with baking powder and sift it through a sieve. This will make the flour more oxygen-rich, so the dough will rise better during baking. The pie will turn out puffy and fluffy.
  3. Wash and dry the apples. Remove the seeds from the apples. You can also cut off the skins if they are too thick and coarse. I did not peel the skin. Cut the apples into medium cubes.
  4. Combine the eggs with the sugar and vanilla sugar. The vanilla sugar can be replaced with vanilla. In this case, add the vanillin to the flour mixture.
  5. Beat the eggs and sugar on high speed of the mixer until fluffy and light in color. If the mixer whisk leaves visible, clear marks while beating, it means the eggs have been beaten well enough and you can stop beating.
  6. Into the beaten egg mixture gradually, in small portions, pour the flour sifted with baking powder. You can do this through a sieve, thus sifting the flour twice. While adding the flour, stir the dough with a spatula with careful scooping motions to keep it airy for as long as possible.

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  1. Line the bottom of the baking dish (22 cm in diameter) with parchment. If necessary, grease the parchment with a little oil, it is not necessary to grease the sides of the form. Pour a third of the batter into the mold and gently smooth it out.
  2. Then lay out another third of the dough and top with the remaining apple cubes. Pour out the rest of the batter, gently smooth it out. You can put all the apples in the batter at once and mix.
  3. Immediately put the pie in a preheated 180C oven for about 35-40 minutes. Time and baking mode may vary, be guided by the work of your oven. Do not open the oven for the first 25 minutes, so that the sharp difference in temperature will not make the pie sag. Check the readiness with a skewer. If it comes out of the middle of the cake dry, then the quiche is ready. Let it stand in the form for a while, then take it out and cool on a rack.

Keep in mind that everyone’s oven is different. Temperatures and cooking times may vary from those specified in the recipe. To make any baked dish a success, use some helpful information about the specifics of ovens!

To give your oven time to heat up, turn it on ahead of time (about 10-20 minutes before you start cooking).

Best 5 movies about chefs

1. Ratatouille.

Who says only humans can cook the food of the Gods? Brad Bird and Ian Pinkaway’s “Ratatouille,” a Pixar animated film, is a clear example that our little brothers can also have a talent for cooking. In particular, the rat Remy, who from a young age had a unique flair, even by the standards of these animals. In relatives of the tiny hero’s zeal for taste did not cause understanding, which is why Remy was an outcast.

Nevertheless, the brave rat is ready to put even his own life on the line. All for the sake of watching his favorite cooking show and stealing fresh produce for his culinary delights. One day Remy finds himself in the kitchen of a prestigious restaurant and together with a young janitor Linguini takes a chance given by fate. The pair work so well together that they can dazzle the most skeptical French restaurant critic.

2. Chef Adam Jones.

There are quite a few movies revolving around the idea of climbing to restaurant Olympus. Among them is “Chef Adam Jones,” starring Bradley Cooper. Jones, once a top chef, lost everything because of his addictions and addiction to illegal substances. He lost his two-Michelin-starred restaurant in downtown Paris and the team he worked with for years. Nevertheless, the protagonist decides not to give up, because the occupation of the case he loves does not tolerate delays.

Once in London, Jones tries to return to the big restaurant business. He rebuilds the premises for a new restaurant, rebranding and recruiting a new team. However, the chef’s methods of work remain the same, which can lead to a new round of conflicts, debts and abuses. Whatever it takes for a new achievement – a bid for three Michelin stars for Adam Jones’ revamped establishment. The picture is the third of American John Wells’ career, following 2010’s “In the Company of Men” and 2013’s “August.”

3. Chef.

In between films of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Jon Favreau has given the world an entertaining comedy about an ambitious chef (starring, remarkably, Favreau himself). The plot trope is similar to the previous tapes in this selection: the negligent Carl Casper loses his job at a prestigious restaurant in Los Angeles. The culprit is his complex character and individualist approach – every time in the kitchen Kasper experimented with food instead of acting strictly according to the recipe.

It goes to extremes – Carl attacks a famous restaurant critic who spoke unflatteringly about his dishes. Video of the fight ends up on the Internet and gains millions of views. The hero moves to Miami, hoping to restore relations with his ex-wife and 10-year-old son. Unexpectedly, Casper becomes the owner of a diner on wheels. Together with his son and his new partner, the chef tries to find a use for his talents and bets on Cuban cuisine.

4. The Hundred-Foot Journey

From unhappy male chefs, let’s move on to the hardships of migrant cooks. The film by three-time Oscar nominee Lasse Hallström (we will return to this author), produced by Steven Spielberg and Oprah Winfrey, deals with the conflict between two national approaches to cooking.

On one side of the barricades is Madame Malory (Helen Mirren), owner of the Michelin-starred French restaurant The Weeping Willow. She is opposed by the Indian café next door. It was opened by an Indian immigrant family whose members fled pogroms in their homeland to small French Provence. Malori makes no secret of her disdain for competitors with unusual cuisine and habits. But as time goes on, she finds the approach of her peers at least interesting–expatriate chef Hassan (Manish Dayal) has extraordinary taste and puts secret Indian recipes into practice. The unknown cuisine lowers the conflict and reconciles Malori with her neighbors.

5. Haute Cuisine

It is not uncommon to see real-life cooks on the screen. Without real dramatic stories in the world cinema is nowhere to be found! One such example is the film adaptation of the life and work of the female chef Danielle Mazet-Delpeche, who for many years was the personal chef of François Mitterrand, the president of France. In the film by French director Christian Vincent (Four Stars, Highlander), the role of Mazet-Delpeche is played by actress Catherine Fraud.Her heroine – Hortensia Labory, a talented chef from the small town of Perigord. By chance, she is drawn into a major political game. Having become the personal chef of the president of France, Hortensia oversees the preparation of all dishes at the Elysee Palace on a daily basis. Other employees express undisguised resentment at the appointment. However, Labory quickly gains credibility and shows her indomitable spirit when faced with a new professional challenge in the kitchen.

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