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So what exactly does the Snapchat symbol DTS mean? We have taken time to make it very clear by providing you with all that you need to know about DTS, we encourage you to take your time and go through this article for proper comprehension. So, you messaged your closest friend with the newest picture of Amber Heard and requested her opinion on whether or not she believes Heard is innocent.

She merely responded with the abbreviation “DTS.” Huh? What on earth does that even suggest?

The phrase “don’t think so” is often abbreviated as “DTS,” which stands for “don’t think so.”

On the other hand, this particular application of the acronym is not the only one you will see on Snapchat okay. This is a comprehensive explanation of the most typical use of the aforementioned acronym on Snapchat, as well as its meaning. You will also find some examples that will make it easier for you to comprehend how to use “dts” the next time you need to.

Five Popular Meanings for DTS on Snapchat

The acronym “DTS” can mean a number of different things.

The following is a list of the five most popular applications for the acronym DTS, which can imply a variety of different things depending on the context.

Let’s pretend that you just sent your lover a cute photo along with an invitation to come over and that he responded with a “DTS.” You have the responsibility of determining whether or not he intends to accept your invitation to snuggle at this time.

Examples of How You Can Use “DTS” in Your Snapchat Conversations

You should now have a general understanding of the meanings of the acronym “DTS.” Let’s continue to be of assistance to you by walking through how to properly use the acronym in your talks.

Don’t think so (I seriously doubt it)

Simply respond with “DTS” whenever the person you are speaking with expresses a viewpoint or an idea with which you disagree.

This will ensure that your point is understood. You can also use it to reject a plan that someone else has for you or an offer that they have made.

This is how you go about doing it:

• A friend of mine said, “I believe Amber Heard’s statements contain some truth in them.”

• You: “Dts. She was unable to provide evidence in support of her claims.

Or, a friend may suggest that the group spend the day hanging out at Sara’s.

• You: “Dts. I have to finish my schoolwork.”

Down the shore (Down to the beach)

If you live close to the beaches or are currently on vacation by the sea, using “DTS” as an abbreviation for “down the shore” is likely to come naturally to you.

The following is a phrase that can be used regardless of whether you want to invite people to the beach or simply let them know that you are at the location:

• A buddy says, “Hey, what are you doing?” Do you want to catch up?”

• You: “Dts. Come on down, and we’ll have some fun together.”

Down to snuggle (Down to have a good time)

Do you feel like making a romantic overture right now? Or perhaps your special someone is in a particularly affectionate mood today.

When you are ready for some comfortable snuggles with the other person, you can let them know that you are ready to “DTS” them.

Let’s have a look at some of the ways it can be used:

• Girlfriend to boyfriend: “Hey sweetheart, are you dts after work? You can find me in my room.”

• You: “Yes! Coming up in a moment”


• You: “Had a long day. So let’s do DTS at this second with you! You up?”

Down The Sun (The Sun Goes Down)

Yes, you may also interpret them to indicate the nu-metal band hailing from Kansas City. If this is the case, you won’t be able to understand what they mean until you take into account the context. Are you someone who enjoys music to an extreme level? It’s possible that your pals are just trying to get you to check out the band.

· A friend said, “Hey, I was listening to DTS the other night.” The rhythm is completely insane!

You say, “Please send over the links. Lemme check it out.”

You can anticipate receiving links to tracks such as “We All Die” and “Pure American Filth” from them!

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Dragon Tooth Sword

If the majority of your social contacts take place within virtual worlds, particularly within Deus Ex 50, you will be familiar with the significance of a “Dragon Tooth Sword.” This “dts” is a formidable weapon for gamers because it deals twenty points of base damage with each hit.

If a friend of yours were to say something like, “Can’t get over how amazing using dts is, bro!” you would comprehend what they were trying to say.

Other DTS Acronyms and Definitions

1. DTS – Data Transformation Services (OLAP)

2. DTS – Digital Theater Sound (Digital Theater Systems, Inc.)

3. DTS – Drug Treatment Service (various organizations)

4. DTS – Defense Travel System

5. DTS – Dallas Theological Seminary

6. DTS – Digital Theater Systems, Inc.

7. DTS – Data Technology Solutions (Breaux Bridge, LA)

8. DTS – Department of Technology Services

9. DTS – Danger to Self (psychiatry)

10. DTS – Don’t Think So

11. DTS – Droits de Tirage Spéciaux (French: Special Drawing Rights)

12. DTS – Diplôme de Technicien Supérieur (French: Higher Technical Diploma)

13. DTS – Down to Smoke

14. DTS – Drain the Swamp

15. DTS – Digital Theatre System

16. DTS – Drama and Theatre Studies (various universities)

17. DTS – Data Transfer Service

18. DTS – Director of Technical Services (various companies)

19. DTS – Defense Transportation System

20. DTS – Decline to State (voter affiliation designation)

21. DTS – Duplicate Tag Store

22. DTS – Deville Touring Sedan

23. DTS – Digital Surround

24. DTS – Developer Technical Services

25. DTS – Disaster Tolerant Solutions

26. DTS – Decoding Time Stamp

27. DTS – Definitive Telefax Standard

28. DTS – Data Transformation Services

29. DTS – Draft Technical Standard

30. DTS – Data to Send

31. DTS – Distributed Traffic Shaping

32. DTS – Dispatch Table Search

33. DTS – Developer Technical Support

34. DTS – Debug Trace Store

35. DTS – Deliverable Tracking System

36. DTS – Date Time Stamp

37. DTS – Digital Thermal Sensor (computing)

38. DTS – Distribution de Temps de Séjour (French: Distribution of Residence Time)

39. DTS – Dock to Stock (shipping)

40. DTS – Defect Tracking System

41. DTS – Dual Training System

42. DTS – Data Transfer Solutions (various companies)

43. DTS – Development Technical Support (various organizations)

44. DTS – Decoding Time Stamp (MPEG systems)

45. DTS – Digital Transmission System

46. DTS – Division of Traffic Safety (Illinois)

47. DTS – Data Transfer System

48. DTS – Distributed Traffic Shaping (Cisco)

49. DTS – Diplomatic Telecommunications Service

50. DTS – Deemed to Satisfy (building codes)

51. DTS – Distributed Time Service

52. DTS – Down to Snuggle

53. DTS – Deville Touring Sedan (Cadillac)

54. DTS – Descriptive Translation Studies

55. DTS – Drivetrain and Suspension (vehicles)

56. DTS – Digital Terrain System

57. DTS – Document Tracking Services (software)

58. DTS – Document Tracking System

59. DTS – Data Terminal Set

60. DTS – Direct-To-Sailor (US Navy)

61. DTS – Dispatcher Training Simulator

62. DTS – Down the Shore (New Jersey slang)

63. DTS – Data Transfer Standard

64. DTS – Distributed Technology Support

65. DTS – Désorientation Temporo-Spatiale (French: Temporo-Spatial Disorientation)

66. DTS – Dedicated Transmission Service

67. DTS – Distributed Temperature Sensors

68. DTS – Digital Time Stamp

69. DTS – Dimension Technology Solutions, Inc. (various locations)

70. DTS – Dead Theologians Society

71. DTS – District Technology Services (various locations)

72. DTS – Development Tracking System

73. DTS – Défenses Tactiques Spécialisées (French: Specialized Tactical Defense; Canada)

74. DTS – Downtown Superior Court (California)

75. DTS – Downthesun (band)

76. DTS – Doumenc Thillard Services (French transportation company)

77. DTS – Digital Transmission Systems, Inc. (former stock symbol; now delisted)

78. DTS – Disciple Training School

79. DTS – Digital Termination Service

80. DTS – Digital Termination System (telecom)

81. DTS – Dopo I Tempi Supplementari (Italian: After Extra Time; soccer)

82. DTS – Direct To Site (deliveries)

83. DTS – Data Transport Standard

84. DTS – Digital Telecommunications System

85. DTS – Drogowa Trasa Srednicowa (Poland expressway)

86. DTS – Diplomatic Telecommunications System

87. DTS – Dimensionnement Techniques Spéciales (French: Dimensioning Special Techniques; architecture)

88. DTS – Dispositivo Telefónico Para Sordos (Spanish)

89. DTS – Deficiency Tracking System

90. DTS – Digital Terminal Systems (Bellcore)

91. DTS – Division of Technical Services

92. DTS – Dynamic Transport System (Optical Networks, Inc.)

93. DTS – Desk Top Support

94. DTS – Desert Tiger Stripe (camouflage)

95. DTS – Danger to Shipping (obesity)

96. DTS – Digital Test Signal

97. DTS – Dragon Tooth Sword (gaming, Deus Ex)

98. DTS – Doctor of Theological Studies

99. DTS – Defense Telephone System

100. DTS – Data Transmission Subsystem

101. DTS – Digital Tandem Switch

102. DTS – Dynamic Type Switching

103. DTS – Digital Test Station

104. DTS – Deployable Transit-Cased System

105. DTS – Digital Test Stand

106. DTS – Development Test Set

107. DTS – Digital Test Subsystem

108. DTS – Deliverables Tracking System

109. DTS – Difference of Two Squares

110. DTS – Differential Temperature Switch

111. DTS – Death to Smoochie (movie)

112. DTS – Denied Terminating Service

113. DTS – Digital Transceiver System (digital avalanche transceiver)

114. DTS – Digital Trunk Signaling

115. DTS – Discrete Transition System (computer science)

116. DTS – Date Time Satisfied

117. DTS – District Training Seminar

118. DTS – Display Test Station

119. DTS – Departmental Telecommunications System (US State Department)

120. DTS – Desktop Technical Services

121. DTS – Digital Transmission Surveillance System

122. DTS – Default Transport Session (IEEE)

123. DTS – Data Transfer Switchboard

124. DTS – Don’t Travel System

125. DTS – Data Terminal Software (ViaSat)

126. DTS – Date Training Starts

127. DTS – Department of Training Services

128. DTS – Daily Time Sheet

129. DTS – Daily Test Schedule

DTS – Deeside Transport System (UK)

We hope that you now have a good understanding of the meanings of the Snapchat acronyms that are used most frequently. If you know how to appropriately use these acronyms in conversation, you will never miss a moment of the conversation.

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