Digital professionals: novelty, trend or fraud?


The current educational systems around the world have a latent problem, they continue to prepare young people in subjects that, by the time they graduate, will have become out of date, now Digital professionals turning what should be an advantage into a weakness.

It happens in any industry, however, those related to technology have the peculiarity of moving in a dynamic environment, what you apply today tomorrow has already been improved, coupled with the fact that few Department of education centers adopt innovative strategies.

The current situation of the digital professional

People continue to study, not what the market is asking for, but what they believe will be more profitable for them in the future. The problem is that, since this belief does not have solid foundations, the professional once graduated is not prepared to face the real labor market.

A few years ago, the novelty of the community manager was experienced, the courses that promised to turn you into a digital professional in less than 24 hours proliferated. The problem comes when it comes to waiting and analyzing results.

Speaking of yourself, surely you wouldn’t entrust your health to a pseudo doctor who has obtained a certification in a week, right?

So why entrust one of your most important assets, your brand (personal or business), to a pseudo-professional who took little less than nothing to get on the train of digital scenarios.

The adoption began to be massive and the trend was installed, community managers for all.

Fortunately, at this time, there are not a few companies that have realized that cheap is expensive.

Each person within an organization should only develop the activity for which they are most prepared, and if you have ever read Sun Tzu’s The Art of War you will recognize the idea (and if you have not read it, I highly recommend doing it) the key is in the delegation of authority.

Delegating is not losing control, on the contrary, delegating allows you to focus on the most important part of your business, what you are passionate about and what you are really prepared for.

The offer of companies and professionals that can cover your digital needs is high, it is, therefore, key to analyze more those who have already achieved with other clients what you would like to achieve.

Within the digital marketing agencies in Mexico City, we find professionals specialized in different fields. One of the most innovative is inbound marketing where the Smartup agency represents one of the best options.

The Japanese call it kaizen, continuous improvement, “today better than yesterday, tomorrow better than today.”

In addition, the company has an international projection as it also has a presence in Spain, Portugal, Peru, Colombia, the Philippines, and China.

You already did the hardest part, which was starting your business do you dare to take the next step?

Remember, good professionals are expensive, but bad ones are even more so.

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