Haylou GT2S, we tested these tiny Bluetooth headphones


New and compact headphones have fallen within reach of our ears. They are the Haylou GT2S that, courtesy of the manufacturer, we have the opportunity to test and, as we recently did with the ELEPODS X, discover all its features on the page. The aim of this audio device is to make it easier for the user to enjoy preferred songs with good sound anywhere, without representing a load hassle and enduring many hours without worrying about plugs. In the following sections, we have all the keys to this tiny accessory.

Presentation, design and construction of the Haylou GT2S headphones

The GT2S, from Haylou, as we say, are a very small device designed to reproduce audiobut also capable of transmitting our voice, with a wireless connection. Apart from their compact size, these Bluetooth headphones are distinguished by providing high autonomy.

Product packaging

The Haylou GT2S arrive in a small and simple box color white. The front shows a great image of the product and little else. You see the manufacturer’s logo, the device reference and a brief description of its role.

A simple box with information in Chinese and English

The information provided by the device manufacturer is quite meager. The rear part has a double column, one in Chinese and one in English, the minimum specifications that can be useful to the buyer. Understand, the connectivity of the accessory and the capacities of the batteries that power them.

Brief product information

The box arrives sealed with a clear adhesive seal. Inside the first thing we have on hand is the case with the headphones inside. A cardboard divider compartments the rest of the box space, which is almost all air.

Product content and design

Along with the Haylou GT2S helmets we are supplied with a USB / microUSB charging cable; an assortment of pads, in different sizes; and a small manual, which is only written in English and Chinese.

Everything in the product box

Haylou GT2S Headphone Case

As we have advanced, the best headphones are delivered with the complement of a protective and charging case. It is an element that has its own battery. The accessory has the same tone as the headphones, matching the black design.

The compartments for the headphones are magnetized.

It is a very compact accessory, almost cylindrical in shape, with rounded edges. It opens in the middle, and on the back, it has a microUSB port to charge the battery and attached a tiny LED that indicates the charge status of the battery when it is connected.

MicroUSB port with small led on the side to indicate charging status

The headphones are located in compartments inside the case that have the charging connectors. They are magnetically fixed. When they are coupled in their respective areas, an LED lights up on the helmets to attest that they are charging, or that they have 100% battery power.

Haylou GT2S helmets

Haylou’s product is in- ear type. The GT2S are only sold in black. They are the smallest and super light. Its structure is hard plastic, the only soft part are the pads of silicone to allow smooth and comfortable fitting in the ear.

Super Small Headphone Size

The charging connectors are located on the inside of the headphones. The Haylou GT2S have a small hole where the microphone is located.


Operating the Haylou GT2S couldn’t be simpler. It has a round button on the outside that occupies almost the entire front face of each helmet. By pressing or holding down the area, the device performs different actions such as playing music, skipping songs, or receiving and hanging up calls, in addition to activating the Google assistant.

One push button on each earphone

Haylou GT2S Headphones Features

The device uses Bluetooth 5.0 technology to connect to audio sources. This is the new BT standard that has managed to improve battery consumption and data transmission. These headsets are compatible with phones, different laptops, and computers. The Haylou GT2S have a rechargeable battery that gives up to 4 hours of autonomy.

Sound quality

The manufacturer does not provide technical data on the headphones, so we have no way to establish numerically how good they can be. We only rely on our own sensations to determine that the good that performs its function. The experience we have had with them is very correct, taking into account the price of the product. The music is heard with enough power and with enough nuance to enjoy your favorite songs.

Correct sound

In addition, by carrying a microphone you can answer calls, have conversations, or activate voice commands from our smart devices.

Extra qualities

The Haylou GT2S have the added advantage that the case incorporates its own battery. Thanks to that, we have around 8 extra hours of autonomy.

8 extra hours of autonomy with the battery in the case

Haylou GT2S Headphones Technical Specifications

Here is a summary table with all the technical details of the Haylou GT2S :

Haylou GT2S
Physical characteristics of the headphones
Dimensions of the headphones 2.7 x 1.5 x 2 cm approx.
Weight 3.7 grams each
Color of the headphones Black Headphone
control Pushbutton
Indicators on the headphone Small led
Physical characteristics of the case
Dimensions of the case 6 x 3 x 2.5 cm approx.
Case Color Black Case
Materials Hard Plastic Case
Buttons None Case
Indicators Battery Level / Charge Status LED Indicator
Headphone Connectivity
Bluetooth 5
Range Up to 10 meters
Battery Specifications
Battery headphones 43 mAh
battery the case 310 mAh
Autonomy headphones 4 hours (+8 with the ability of the case)
ports loaded into the micro-USB kit
Microphone Wizard Google

Track & Call Control

Box Contents
Headphone Pair

Charging Box Charging


Replacement Headphone Plugs

English Manual

Conclusions, availability and price of the Haylou GT2S

Very small and light

As a sound device, the Haylou GT2S headphones prove to be a practical and effective accessory. The best thing is their ease of use and the great autonomy they offer. In addition to their small size, which makes them ideal companions on any trip.

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