How to be popular on Facebook


Being popular on Facebook is something that many want to achieve, but the reality is that in such a wide social network, with so many users, pages and diverse content, achieving it is not always easy, especially when it comes to a business profile, a website or business. Knowing when to post on Facebook and who your users are is very important, but there are also other keys to put into practice to increase followers on this social network. In this article we explain how to be popular on Facebook.

Leave your trace

Your Facebook page should be easy to find and follow, so you have to link to it wherever you have a web presence. It is not necessary to have a website, when you comment on a blog you can fill in several fields, one of them is your web page or website, and you should know that it is totally allowed to write the address of your Facebook profile there. This method is applied to discussion forums, online games, email, even the comments of many websites as long as they allow the publication of links.

Of course, if you really want to gain followers you must link to your profile on sites related to the topics you address or the style of the Facebook account, otherwise, no one will follow it.

Add good photos

The visual elements naturally attract the attention of the eyes, so if you want to be popular on Facebook you must take into account the type of images that you upload. The profile photo should benefit you, show you how you are and stand out, the cover photo should also be suitable with the Facebook page for which you plan to gain followers.

Everything is allowed, be creative and show your talent, all people like to be entertained. A good option is to merge Instagram images with this social network to get the most out of them.

Unique content

Express interesting or funny things for your followers through status updates, these interesting and entertaining comments or updates will undoubtedly earn you “likes you!” And followers.

This also involves participating and commenting on others’ photos, tagging people in a status update, and giving thanks when your followers increase.

Join a group

On Facebook are the classic junk groups that are good to avoid, however there are good groups where you can meet people who share your interests, seek help or learn new things. Create a topic to discuss, ask questions and listen, all this can make your personal profile or your fan page gain popularity and followers.

Be relevant

Being relevant has to do with making interesting contributions on Facebook, not spamming to invite friend’s masse, not annoying other users, not being rude. Having a good spelling, sharing content of interest, taking care of your image and worrying about what you post will surely help you achieve your goal of being popular on Facebook and increasing your followers in the way you expect.

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