Renewables: The largest source of electricity generation by 2025


The entire world produces and uses more and more Renewables energy. Just for 2018, the consumption of clean energy represented 18.9% of the total energy consumed. And it is expected that this just ended 2020 will have reached a significant increase of 20%.

Currently, these energies are the main source of electricity generation throughout the EU. The old continent has made significant efforts to meet a single goal: “to be climate neutral.” To do this, they have recently activated an action plan called “The Green Pact”.

All about The Green Pact

The Global Green Agreement or Pact is a new growth strategy that will help reduce pollutant emissions and generate more jobs. It arose in response to the growing imbalance in the world’s environmental and climatic conditions that are experienced today.

Renewable energy, together with energy optimization, are the pillar that will help achieve these ambitious goals:

The objectives of the Pact

The environmental aspirations include:

Be climate neutral by 2050.

Become energy dependent on renewables.

Promote companies to become world leaders in clean technologies and products. (Only 12% recycled materials are currently used in industries).

Protect fauna, flora and human life, reducing pollution.

Green Deal Proposals

Despite the fact that the roadmap is clearly established, it is absolutely necessary to act together with all sectors of the economy to achieve these objectives. And also:

Collaborate with other countries to improve global environmental standards.

Increase the renewable energy park (boost energy such as offshore wind, photovoltaic and solar energy to the maximum).

100% decarbonize the energy sector.

Promote the use of healthier, cheaper and cleaner private and public transport systems.

Invest in technologies that are friendlier to the environment.

This is just one of the many strategies that are being implemented globally to promote the use of renewable energy. Despite the fact that the EU is a pioneer, countries such as China, India and the United States have been increasing their renewable energy capacity.

As highlighted by the IEA (International Energy Agency) in its Renewables 2020 report, such efforts would notoriously place renewables as the largest source of electricity generation by 2025. This would end the dependence on coal, which is more than 5 decades old.

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