Goodbye Periscope, Twitter confirms its final closure in 2021


In a twist that does not surprise anyone, Twitter has announced the closure of Periscope, its app for making live videos. Acquired in 2015 by Twitter, Periscope was – at the time – the most popular application for streaming from mobile phones. However, its functions were gradually integrated into Twitter Live, and due to the rise of other streaming apps, it experienced a decline in its user base that has made its maintenance unsustainable. 
We do not say the latter, the same company admitted it in a statement on its blog, where the sad news was released.

“The truth is that the Periscope application is in an unsustainable state of maintenance, and has been for a while. In recent years, we have seen a decrease in usage and we know that the cost of supporting the application will continue to increase over time. ”

Periscope will close in March 2021

Clearly impossible, the maintenance cost is no longer worth it for Twitter, and since its vital functions have been absorbed, it makes no sense to keep it active.

Some personal news: The Periscope app will be going away next year. Were here to say goodbye.

We appreciate all the support, learnings, and broadcasts from our vibrant creator community. More on our difficult decision to discontinue the app: (1/2)

– Periscope (@PeriscopeCo) December 15, 2020

In this regard, by the time of writing This article has already disabled the registration of new users, although existing users will be able to continue enjoying Periscope until March 31, 2021; at that time the final closure of the app will occur and it will be removed from the application stores. Similarly, the ability to buy coins has already been suspended.

Also, until that same date, there is an opportunity to download a file of the direct and user data. Periscope’s official website will remain active for an additional time, hosting the catalog of public videos that have been uploaded so far.

Members of the Super Presenters program are also encouraged to redeem their star balance for money by April 30, 2021.

This may be the end for Periscope, but its legacy will live on beyond the app itself; in an age where live broadcasts are trending news and as part of the technology that powers Twitter Live.

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