Amazon breaks into the podcast world with the purchase of Wondery


Amazon bursts into the podcast world with the premise of the purchase of Wondery, the recent acquisition is intended to enhance its developments in the Amazon Music application. Also pretended by Apple and Sony Music, Wondery joins Amazon’s already interesting catalog in the entertainment universe.

With an audience of more than 8 million according to some sources, although Variety magazine says that there are 20 million, the recently acquired Entertainment company will have the tough task of helping Amazon compete with Spotify Technology, which stands out in this section of the market.

Wondery’s impact remains to be seen

The value of transactions of this nature is often a mystery, however, some sources point out that it was even suggested that it may exceed 300 million dollars, which seems to coincide with the report made by The Wall Street Journal.

Wondery’s impact remains to be seen, it is just a matter of waiting for Amazon to start broadcasting its content on the reinforced services, which would add popular podcasts such as “Dirty John”, “Dr. Death” and “Business Wars”.

Anyway, with this strategic move Amazon would be taking the delicacy out of the mouth of Sony Music Entertainment and Apple Inc, who were also behind Wondery. It should be noted that the negotiations have not yet concluded, but when they do, it is confirmed that its founder and CEO will leave the company.

In this sense, Wondery was founded in 2016 by the Argentine Hernán López with the support of 20th Century Fox, having the objective of offering audio programs On Demand, realizing the enormous potential that the audio business represented, this taking as a reference that in the US, the average of this entertainment medium was around three and a half hours a day.

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