Add layers of security in WordPress


WordPress is one of the most flexible and complete platforms when it comes to running your website. For this reason, there are multiple configurations of security layers, tricks, and keys that can help you get the most out of this tool. Today we tell you some of the most used professional tips so that you get a good positioning and an efficient development on your blog with WordPress.


This time we will talk about some security elements when creating your blog in WordPress. It is important to keep the files of the Dashboard and the administrator area protected, to prevent third-party access. What we will do is use the following code in the file. access:
order deny, allow
Deny from all

Replace the X in Allow from with your IP address and in this way, you can only enter from your computer to make modifications.

Extra security layers

You can further secure access to your blog by using an extra layer of security. In this way, a double authentication is requested before being able to enter the content editing area on your WordPress blog. A good plugin to add extra security is Dual Two Factor Authentication. It is a free plugin that you can configure to add a second password to access your web domain.

Security in WordPress blogs and domains is key to protecting the quality of your texts and posts. It is very important not to stop taking maximum care of the security of your contents, otherwise, you may be in for an unpleasant surprise if a hacker or hacker manages to access your website.

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